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Pictures while sitting in a tree

Last Saturday was the opening weekend of rifle deer season.  My husband goes every year and thankfully filled his two tags on the first day.  However, while waiting for the deer to make their appearance he took a couple of pictures.



Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake was, for me, the most beautiful lake that we saw.  It was also one of the coolest and windiest days for us.



There is a nice paved trail at Peyto Lake for visitors.  We saw a few nifty things along the way, such as this cute squirrel that was very busy having a snack.


These mushrooms were as big as dinner plates and look like they have been burned.  Very ominous looking fungus.


Panoramic shot of Peyto Lake.  It was just stunning.



This poor, innocent squirrel was snacking on acorns when it heard our umbrella cockatoo scream from inside the house.


Stretched Out


Left then Right

This squirrel had its left paw then its right held up and clenched like a fist.  It was very cold the day Glen took its picture.  Maybe it was trying to keep its paws warm.





While Glen was out hunting/sitting in his deer stand he spotted this squirrel.  You may have to click on the picture to enlarge it enough to really be able to see it.



New Squirrel In The Neighborhood

The big fat squirrel that I took pictures of all last winter and spring got run over not too long ago.  I was very sad because that squirrel had attitude.  It would sit up in the tree and bark at the dogs because they were between it and all the fallen acorns.  Well, this week we got another squirrel in the yard.  This one is thinner, faster and more shy.


Acorn Break



The Squirrel and the acorn


Squirrel:  Sniff, sniff….this acorn has an amazing bouquet!


Squirrel:  nom nom nom nom


Squirrel:   Time out….darned fleas!


Squirrel:  Time to scout out another delicious acorn,


Squirrel:  Hhhmmmm, is this a piece of gravel or an acorn?



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