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Funnel Web Spider

We have lots of spiders running around in our garden.  This particular one is a funnel web spider.  We encourage them, so they will eat all the pesty bugs we don’t want.



Yesterday’s Bounty

This is what I got out of our garden yesterday.





I grew up calling these bugs roly-poly’s.  They are also commonly known as pill bugs or pill millipedes. It is one of the few bugs that I am not scared of.  I found this one cruising around in our garden.

One Week’s Difference

What a difference one week can make!  Our garden is loving the current weather trend.  We have been having really muggy, humid and warm days with scattered thunderstorms daily. All the plants are thriving but the zucchini plant has really outdone itself. 


This is our zucchini plant on May 25th.


This is the same plant on June 3rd. 



One of our pepper plants decided it was time to produce a pepper.


Our cherry tomato plant has several little green tomatoes on it.  Can’t wait for them to ripen so I can eat them!

The Garden…..So Far

The first set of plants that we planted didn’t fare so well.  This is round two and everything looks to be growing well.  Glen and I try to go out and check on the plants daily.  I even go so far as to sweet talk the plants.  Hey….every little bit helps, right?


These are some of our peppers. 




Spaghetti Squash…am hoping this plant does well.  I love spaghetti squash!


Some of our many tomato plants.  We finally got some rain, but with that rain came cooler temperatures.  Notice the many, many mushrooms/toadstools growing all over the place.  Hoping all of our tomato plants do exceptional as well.   There aren’t many foods that I love more than a home grown tomato.  Plus, I am looking forward to canning.


Getting Ready

Getting ready to plant our garden.  Hopefully we will be able to put out our plants out the next week or so.


Surprising Garden Sprouting

Glen informed me that we had things growing in our garden already.  So I grabbed the camera and trekked out to the garden.  We have a village of fungus.





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