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Not happy to see us


I’m not sure if this is the same kitty that Lucy chased through the neighbors pasture about a month ago, but as you can see she was very very leery of us as we were walking by.



Lucy got too close to this snapping turtle when it lunged at her and bit/grazed her nose.  It wasn’t bad….just broke the skin and bled a little bit.  Hopefully she will think twice before going in to sniff a turtle in the future.

Clouds that look like things


Do you ever look at objects and see things within that object?  I do….all the time.


This cloud has a rainbow in its hand getting ready to shove it into its cloud mouth. 


Rural Living


As I was driving home from the grocery store, this little fox crawled out of a culvert and was trotting around looking for scraps to eat.  It was extremely skinny and its face was scabby, probably from fleas.  I was shocked to see it in the middle of town in the middle of the afternoon.

Rejected Baby

My mom had a starving, pregnant cat that had been dumped, show up at her back door about three weeks ago.  Doing the humane thing, my mom fed her.  Then she began to fret about the kitty’s welfare and the future of her unborn babies. To help her out I looked around online for phone numbers to no kill animal shelters in the Kansas City area.  The bad thing was, they were all full due to yet another animal hoarding case.  So, I contacted the rescue organization where Glen and I adopted our dog, Lucy.  The organization is The Animal Rescue Alliance, or T.A.R.A.  They are an awesome group and called me within a couple of days to say that if I could get the cat to them they would help with her vetting and adoptions.  So, on my next day off I went over to mom’s house only to discover that the cat had delivered her babies the night before.  We had no idea where the babies were….so we had to wait.  A few days went by and mom was positive the cat had her babies under her air conditioning unit.  So, exactly one week after she had them, on my next day off, Glen and I went over to see about getting them out from under the air conditioner.  You know things couldn’t go that smoothly right?  She had relocated all but one of her babies during the night.  She had rejected this one baby.


I contacted T.A.R.A, and while we waited for the call back, we went and got baby formula and bottles for the baby.  We had no idea how long it had been since this little baby girl had eaten. 


We had a horrible time with this bottle.  It was just too big and the nipple was too hard.  I told my mom we needed to call someone for help.  So she called the local veterinarian who said they had bottles and medicine droppers in stock.  Glen went and got the medicine dropper, which they gave to him for free, (FREE!  can you believe it?).  It worked miracles.  We were able to get the food into the baby.  By the next day she was rested and feeling better because she had calories in her, so she was much more vocal and wiggly.  T.A.R.A got back with me and the baby is now in the capable hand of a foster home.  We still have yet to find where the momma cat took the rest of her brood.  Time will tell.  If there are no more babies, I will probably take the momma cat and get her spayed and just adopt her myself….maybe, still pondering that.

Laying Eggs


Came across this red eared slider while she was laying her eggs.  She was right next to the road, so hopefully some of her babies will survive and not get run over by cars.

Wild Roses


Sunning itself


This dragonfly, along with several others, was perched on our roof sunning itself.  It has a larger body that I am used to seeing on dragonflies.  

Great Spangled Fritillary….aka: Butterfly




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