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Pot Roast

Since yesterday was such a rainy dreary day I decided to make some good old comfort food.  Nothing like roast, carrots and potatoes all slow cooked together.


First, I got my new stove dirty by searing the roast.


The rest of the crock pot party attendee’s.


The yummy finished product.  Makes the dreary day so much brighter.

New Fuzzy Blanket

While at Costco the other day, Glen and I bought a new blanket for our bed.  After washing it and putting it on the bed, we knew exactly where to find Lilly.


Lemon Bars

Glen really wanted to try out the oven in our new stove.  So while out grocery shopping we went down the baking goods isle to decide what we wanted to bake.  We went for the lemon bars as they are one of Glen’s favorite things.


Look how clean and wonderful the inside of our oven looks!!  I periodically just go in and stare at it….I’m weird.  As expected, the oven baked the lemon bars wonderfully.  Can’t wait to make the angel food cake that I decided we needed to make.

New Appliances

Glen and I are the proud parents of a new stove, range hood and dishwasher.  It was lots of fun shopping for them and I was so very excited when they were finally delivered. 


This is our old stove and range hood.


The new stove and range hood… shiny and pretty.  Can’t wait to test out the convection oven!


The old, yucky dishwasher that barely worked.


The new dishwasher.  Glen and I aren’t going to know what to think when we get to use this baby for the first time. 

An Effective Possum Catcher

Our dog Lucy has been a busy girl keeping our yard safe from possums.


Lucy: I did it and am feeling slightly guilty.


Petey:  I think its squeaker is broken.


Never fear, this little fella was just playing dead.  Notice this possum has a lot of wet fur.  Lucy is not only good at catching them, she is full service and gives them a bath too.


Possum:  I am so out of here!


Neighbors were out and about




Out Time

My Umbrella Cockatoo loves her out time.





“Souvenirs” From Our Road Trip

Last week when Glen and I went on our little road trip to Weston, one of the stores we went in was the McCormick Country Store.  It really isn’t a country store because all they sell is booze distributed/imported by McCormick and booze related things like shot glasses.  Naturally, we didn’t leave the store empty handed.  On the way home we stopped at Farmers House Market.  Unlike McCormicks, it is a country store.  Glen got some pumpkin butter and I got salt water taffy.


The beverage is a chocolate martini made with, you guessed it, McCormicks chocolate vodka and Baily’s Irish Cream.  The thing on the right is Glen’s toast with pumpkin butter and whipped cream.  I just stuck with the drink.

Blanket Addict

 Where there is a blanket… will find Lilly.



Predicting the Weather?

I finally got around to cutting open a persimmon seed.  I only cut open one because they are super hard and I could see myself slicing off a finger or stabbing myself.


It is in the shape of a spoon.  So, if you believe the wives tale, we will be getting a lot of heavy, wet snow this winter.  For more on persimmon seeds predicting winter weather check out this website.

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