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Smells like Friday


Enjoying Outside Time





Makin Mead

Yep, we are making more booze.  This time around we are making mead….aka: fermented honey.  It takes a LOT of honey to make mead, about 15 pounds to be exact.


We added the honey to 4 gallons of distilled water.  We added warm water to the honey jug to make sure we got all of it out and added more water to get it to the 5 gallon mark.


We then added 70 billion yeast cells.  Now that is going to be a party!


To keep the yeast happy it has to be fed for 4 days.


Now we wait two weeks when we get to rack the mead. 

Lucy Likes Mulberries!

We discovered that Lucy really, really enjoys eating mulberries. Matter of fact, she was going so crazy for them we had to force her back to the house, afraid of what too much fruit would do to her digestive system.

Super Camera = Super Moon

Glen took some pictures of the moon with my new camera.  They turned out pretty awesome!



Diabetes, it aint no joke


I don’t like to dwell on this type of anniversary, but it has been 11 years since my oldest sister, Chris, died which is just beyond hard for me to believe.  She died of a massive stroke at the ripe old age of 41.  She was a juvenile diabetic, meaning that she was diagnosed as a juvenile and was insulin dependent.  Diabetes is one of the most, if not the most, unforgiving diseases there is.  Diabetes can not be reasoned with, nor can it be put off for another day. Diabetes will destroy your body from the inside out.  Diabetes, it ain’t no joke.

I got a new camera

I bought myself a new camera and I am so excited about it I can hardly stand it!  I got the Sony Cybershot DSC-HX300.  It has 20.4 megapixels and a 50X zoom.  I can’t wait to start taking pictures!




Living in the country has both its advantages and disadvantages.  One of the big disadvantages, for me, are the field mice that think they can come in the house to live.  Lilly caught one mouse and killed it this last winter.  However, she has certainly been slacking here lately.  We have had to resort to setting traps. 


Here Glen is showing Lilly what she is supposed to be catching.  She was genuinely interested…..but she is still only catching, killing and eating bugs. 

Pictures in passing

Glen and I took the hounds for a walk one evening last week.  Along the way we encountered many critters and such.


This little guy was so cute.  He posed so nicely for me and then ran off.


These ladies were a little further down the road.  I love how the middle cow is sticking her tongue out.


Wild roses growing along the barbed wire fence.


We decided to take a detour through last years corn field.  Not sure what made the print but whatever it was…it was huge. 


Spiders were everywhere.  They give me the willies!


Found this egg sitting on the side of the road all by its lonesome.  It probably became a midnight snack for some critter.


Farmers Market Plus Bacon

Saturday I went to the Holden farmers market.  While there I ran into someone I hadn’t seen since graduating high school.  Paula, it was awesome seeing you!   It is still very early in the growing season, so there wasn’t a huge selection yet.  What I did get was incredible. 


Swish chard that we cooked up in some artery clogging bacon grease… yummy!


Tomatoes!  Nothing more really needs to be said about them.  I love them so!!!


BACON!  I didn’t get the bacon at the farmers market, but those tomatoes were hollering to be made into a bacon tomato sandwich.  Lordy it was good!


Petey:  The smell of that bacon is intoxicating!

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