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Happy Beak


Lila:  I love me some chew toys!

Ticks are evil


We found a tick in Lucy’s ear last week.  Yesterday I took Lucy to the vet to get her annual shots and to have her heart worm tested.  My vet not only tests for heart worms, but for tick borne viruses too.  Lucy came up positive for canine ehrlichiosis.  I am sure it wasn’t caused by this one particular tick, but any tick is a bad tick. 

(from http://www.akccf.orgCanine Ehrlichiosis, found worldwide, is the most common and one of the most dangerous tick-borne disease organisms known to infect dogs. Caused by the brown dog tick, symptoms may not surface for months after transmission, and can include fever, loss of appetite, depression, weight loss, runny eyes and nose, nose bleeds and swollen limbs.

If your dogs run the risk of ticks, you might want to ask your vet about testing for tick borne diseases.



She Looks Innocent….

My girl, Eva, has the sweetest face. 


She just looks so innocent….like she would never do anything she wasn’t supposed to.


Example one of Eva’s lack of innocence….the wood trim around the bay window.  She took a nice big chunk out.  SO BAD!!!


Example two, when I caught her not five minutes after the first example.  She was hanging from the blinds, literally, and had her beak on the wood when I yelled at her.  She was dexterously bad!!!


Drama Queen

Glen decided the trim Eva’s talons since they were almost as sharp as needles. Eva HATES to have her talons trimmed and acts like we are killing her. This is actually pretty low key for her…but it gives you an idea of how she can carry on.

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!  Hope everyone is having a nice, quiet and safe holiday. 


These wild flowers remind me of my oldest sister, Chris.  Daisies were here favorite flower. 












The New Beast


Glen and I got a new vacuum cleaner.  Our old one is still a somewhat decent vacuum… we thought.  First of all, I just want to throw out there, we clean on a regular basis.  Second, Glen vacuumed two days ago and after putting in a brand new bag, one use and it was filled up with dog hair…hence the decision to get a new bagless vacuum. 


Glen vacuumed again yesterday.  He had to empty the thing 16 times. 16 Times!!!!  He just vacummed the day before. How is that possible?  This is our kitchen trash can which was completely full of dirt and dog hair.  Our new vacuum is a beast!

When we get out of bed in the morning….

The animals take over.


Guard Critters on Duty


At night with the window open, Lucy can hear the coyotes yipping and carrying on outside.  She gets very protective and sounds so vicious with her growling and woofing.  She sits facing the window listening for the coyotes.  Lilly gets in on the action too.

Malbec….Can’t Wait!

I said a few posts back that I had ordered a Malbec wine kit.  Yesterday Glen and I got it started.  I know my sister is excited for this wine too  🙂


This kit is a little different from the Pinot Noir.  This kit has grape skins and wood chips.



Getting the wine started is basically the same….add bentonite to warm water, pour in the magnificent juice….but then you add wood package #1.


And then you put the grape skins into a bag of cheesecloth.


and put those beautiful grape skins in the juice along with the yeast.


It looks kind of gross.  No matter, it is going to be beyond fantastic when it is all done.



The things nature shows don’t tell you….

My umbrella cockatoo, Eva, is full of hormones!  She is also a total pervert.  If you have never owned a bird, let me just say that she takes care of her needs.


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