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Hillbilly Kitty Carrier


Next up….Riesling

After bottling the Pinot Noir, we got started on making the Riesling.


So far, it is the same process as before. 


The package of bentonite that is added to 4 cups of hot water.


Looks pretty nasty before it is dissolved, huh?


Just keep stirring, just keep stirring….It has be nice and dissolved before the juice is added.


Adding the concentrated juice along with distilled water to get it to the 23 liter mark.   We did have a small sample of the juice.  It was OMG good!


Then we tested its gravity.  It tested 1.1 in the dessert wine.


Adding yeast to the party.  Those yeast…..they sure know how to party 😉



Bottling Day

Yesterday was the day to bottle our pinot noir.  First we had to clean a bunch of bottles.


Then we had  to siphon the wine from the carboy to the bottling bucket.


Wine going into the bottle.


Placing the bottle in the floor corker.


Glen putting the cork in the bottle.


The finished product.


They will need to stand upright for 3 to 4 days. Then we can lay them down on their sides and they can age in the bottle until it is party time in September.




Squirrel:  Must check on my cache of food.  Sure hope those heathen dogs didn’t find it.


She has neck rolls….


Planet Comicon – Part 2 (Costumes)

There were a ton of people that wore costumes at Planet Comicon.  They ranged from “what the hell where they thinking” to “That costume is awesome and had to cost them a small fortune”.  Here are the pictures that we took.  Enjoy!


This is Rob and Kate.  Kate made her dress with fantastic Dr Who fabric that she found online.   Sorry Kate, this is the only picture we got of the two of you together.



Kate with a Ton-Ton (Taun-Taun??).  He looked so soft, I wanted to go over and pet him….which sounds weird.


Glen with a storm trooper.  I think I would be seriously claustrophobic in this costume.


I have no idea who she is supposed to be….


This Star Trek costume I coveted the most. 


Kate posing with a Jawa.


These Predator costumes were incredible and came in second place….at least in my mind where I was ranking everyone.  Glen is having a good time posing for pictures with them.


Me with Darth Vader.



This is a character from the movie The Dark Crystal.  Kate you will have to remind me of the name, as sadly I have not seen this movie.  This costume took first in my opinion.  The time and effort that they went to shows in the excellence of the costume.

I can’t wait until next year!!






Planet Comicon – Part 1

Glen and I, along with Kate and Rob, went to Planet Comicon down at Bartle Hall on Sunday.  It was one of the most incredible people watching experiences I have every had.  The big draw of course were the stars that were there.  The lines to see them were very very long.  We opted to not stand in line and pay $25 or more for an autograph and another $25 or more to get a picture with them…if they allowed pictures that is.  I was a rebel and took clandestine pictures.  It is cases like this that I am glad I grew nice and tall.


George Takei…aka: Mr. Sulu from Star Trek. 


Lindsay Wagner…aka:  The Bionic Woman.


Lee Meriwether….aka: Catwoman


Wil Wheaton! …. aka: Wesley Crusher from Star Trek Next Generation….also Sheldon Cooper’s nemesis on The Big Bang Theory.


Lou Ferrigno….aka: The Incredible Hulk. 

There were many other stars there.   Some were lesser known to me or not known at all.

It was a great day!  We took quite a few pictures.  More than I can fit in one days worth of blogging.

She’s not demanding


Lilly:  Ok, the blanket is a nice touch, but where is my can of tuna?

I has a tennis ball


You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Glen has been working with both dogs trying to teach them to fetch. Petey, at 14 years of age, is picking it up very quickly. Lucy, she just likes running around like a goofball.

ps…The ringing you hear every once in a while is Lila. She loves to make the sound of a telephone ringing. It is her all time favorite.

pps….The movie on the television is The Mummy. Just in case you were curious.

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