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Caught in the act


Lucy:  This bird food is delicious!  I don’t understand why those dumb birds would throw all this on the floor….but I am glad they did.

At least the dogs enjoy the snow

This video was taken by Glen last Friday after our first snow storm. Lucy and Petey had a good time playing. Petey is such a vocal boy and sounds so serious with all his growling and barking. Petey is also a butt biter….as you can see towards the end of the video.

Snow, Snow and more Snow

As I have posted, last Thursday we got a butt load of snow.  I, unfortunately, had to go to work, so the pictures here were taken by Glen.  Also, we were “babysitting” Glen’s moms dog Tippy.


Don’t think that Glen was being mean to Tippy.  Tippy is just a weird dog that loves bad snowy weather.  Yes…..he is actually enjoying this.


After the storm, when the snow was unmolested.  It is at its prettiest here.  Picture doesn’t do it justice.


I think yesterday I said we got 13 inches of snow.  Well, I was wrong…..we actually got 15.  Should be interesting to see how much more we get with the storm that is currently upon us.  Weatherman says we could get up to 20 inches.  Stay tuned.


Here we go again!

Last Thursday we had quite the snow storm.  It even included lightning and thunder, much to the dogs distress.  We were supposed to only get up to 6 inches of the white stuff.  Ended up getting 13 inches here at the house. 



Lilly:  I can’t believe mom drove to work in this crap!

But, as the title of this post suggests…..we are about to get slammed again.  It is supposed to hit a couple of hours before I am due to drive home from work.  I will once again be driving in this crap.  We are supposed to get somewhere between 8 and 15 inches….but this time I don’t mind.  I am off on Tuesday.  Yay!!!  \o/  


This map is from….and it was from last night.  As of this morning they are now calling for 12 to 16 plus inches where I live.  Unbelievable! 

Yucky Winter Weather

I can’t wait until I can retire.  Maybe after I retire I will actually like it when it snows.  We are under a winter storm warning here in Missouri.  For those of you that don’t have to go to work when it snows……I am so jealous of you!


(weather map courtesy of

Fingers crossed the weathermen are wrong on the amounts of sleet and snow.

What Love Looks Like


Shower Time


We try to spray Eva and Lila down on a daily basis.  Some days it doesn’t go as well as others.  On this day, Eva was loving it.


All we need is cement


The front of the house is all nice and level now.   Only thing left to do is pour cement for the patio area.  Lucy and Petey are checking things out.


Moving some dirt…..


Looking good….and going to look awesome when it is all done.  Hope they get the cement poured today because old winter is headed our way in a couple of days.

I Have No Idea


Lucy and Petey were out in the yard doing their thing and I was just snapping random pictures.  After downloading them onto the computer, I realized that Lucy appears to have been snacking on God knows what.  Dogs will eat anything, so I can only assume it was something that would probably put her on the “don’t kiss me” list.

Well Loved

Happy Valentines Day!  It really is a silly holiday, but I still enjoy it.  However, Petey and Lucy shower us with love every single day.  They don’t need no stinkin holiday 😉



I think we need bigger furniture!

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