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She’s Hitting the Hard Stuff


Lilly:  Mmmm, this vanilla yogurt smells divine.


Lilly:  This is exquisite!

They Took Turns

Yesterday Glen and I did absolutely nothing.  It was wonderful.  Between reading, surfing the internet and watching television Petey and Lilly took turns snuggling with me on the sofa.




Even before our big move to Holden, my mean girl Lila has been harboring trust issues.  She would not step up and come out of her cage.  She doesn’t trust men at all, so Glen really doesn’t stand a chance with her.  I would try to get her to step up but wouldn’t push it because I value my hands and she is such a vicious biter.  A couple of days ago I decided to give it another try….and low and behold she stepped up.  That first day we just stood by her cage and cuddled a little bit.  The next day we ventured into the living room to the couch.  She had a good time and acted like her old self.


Eva of course was out and about.  She is such a dork.


Since both birds were out, we busted out the foot toys.  Lila destroyed one, and had a good time doing so.


Lilly:  Those birds sure are messy!


We Ate Too Much…But It Was Good!

Glen and I decided not to exchange gifts this year.  Instead we planned an extra special dinner.  Our original plan was to have one of Glen’s co-workers smoke a leg of lamb for us.  However, he fell on the ice and buggered himself up pretty good.   So on to plan B.  Glen and I went to Costco and bought a beautiful standing rib roast.  I decided on an Emeril Lagasse recipe for the roast.  You roast garlic, mash it up and mix in chopped fresh rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper and then smear it all over the roast.


To go along with this wonderful piece of meat we had mashed potatoes and roasted brussell sprouts.


Petey has been such a good boy all year, so for his Christmas gift he got one of the rib bones from the standing rib roast.  He was super happy!


Glen and I also have started a nice little tradition.  We had a fire going in the fireplace.  Our fireplace is gas, (propane), which is expensive, so we decided this would also be something nice that is just for us for Christmas.


We had a wonderful Christmas.  Hope everyone else did too!


Snow is Pretty When…..

I think snow is really pretty when I don’t have to work.  We didn’t get very much for our first snow, and I did have to work….it was horrible.  The next day, when I was off, I went outside and found the pretty.



Winter finally arrived

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season.  Not only did we get snow, but we also had 35 mile per hour winds to go with it.  I was such a lucky gal.  I had to work…..and it was a busy busy busy day!


I took this right before I had to leave for work.

We Love Cheez It’s


Don’t you just love the serious begging that is going on here?


Of course I couldn’t resist his face….


Two Years

Yesterday was the second anniversary of my and Glen’s first date.  He was so thoughtful!  I came home from work to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a card,a bottle of wine and a very well thought out dinner. 


The picture really doesn’t do justice to how very pretty the flowers are.  They are just gorgeous!


Glen bought bacon wrapped sirloins,lobster tails and twice baked potatoes for our dinner.  We grilled both the steaks and the lobster.


I actually remembered, with the help of Glen, to get a picture of my plate before I devoured everything on it.  The dinner was so wonderful.  My gift to him seems so paltry compared to this wonderful feast.  I got him a cheese making kit….so we could try out hand at making cheese.  Future posts will prove how good a gift it turned out to be, so stay tuned.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


Wild and Crazy Girl

Cats are great because the most inexpensive thing can become a toy.  Glen was teasing her with the string from the hoody he was wearing.


Lilly:  Well, well….what do we have here? 


Lilly:  String!!!  I love string!


Lilly:  I must kill it!


Lilly:  My work here is done.

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