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What Goes On When I’m At Work


I have been on the evening shift for the last five weeks.  So, Glen has had to bear sole responsibility for all the critter cuddling.  Tough job 🙂

A Fun Day with Family, Friends and Guns

Last Saturday we had friends and family over for some target shooting.


Here is George looking all cool with his dads .357.


Joyce was talked into shooting the .357 by her husband…..


Joyce:  That was totally awesome!!


Katie taking aim and annihilating the targets.


Glen:  I love shooting guns!


After a couple of days of having company during the Thanksgiving holiday, Eva got brave and decided to visit Katie and check out the view from her shoulder.  They were both very impressed with each other :o)


New Friends

To work off some holiday calories Glen and I took Petey for a nice walk.  On our way we were infiltrated by a pair of happy go lucky dogs who belong to people who live way, way, way down the road from us.  They just let their dogs run loose, which is just beyond me.  Now I have a new worry that they will get run over…..sad that their owners don’t care.  Here they are conducting a circle of sniffing. 


The little bitty dog hangs out at our neighbors house a lot.  They have called the owner, but they never get a return call.  They are contemplating keeping her.  They have even named her Maggie. 


Non Traditional Thanksgiving

This year Glen’s family decided to do things a little different.  Since Glen’s mom is still recovering from her knee surgery, and our house is still a work in progress (melding two households together… I had to work), we decided to eat out.  Let someone else do all the cooking and clean up.  Super fantastic idea!


Yep….we ate chinese and sushi.  I love sushi!!!  


Me:  I am ever so thankful for a sushi buffet!


Glen’s brother George…


Sister in law, Joyce….


This is me and Glen’s neice, Katie.  She dressed all pretty and I had to be talked out of wearing sweat pants.

Turkey Coma


Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving.  Tell me, did you eat a traditional meal?  If not, what did you have?  Did you eat out somewhere?  This year Glens family decided to eat out.  Will fill you in on Monday.  Don’t you just love a teaser?  :o)

Happy Thanksgiving


Eva:  I can’t bear to watch while they carve the turkey!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!

Cheapskate with a Vindictive Side


One of Eva’s favorite things to do is chew on cloth, especially socks.  She really enjoys chewing holes in material until it is like cheese cloth. The story behind why she likes chewing on socks kind of makes me look bad. But I will share it with you anyway.   Back in the day, in my previous life when I was married, Eva would help me with the laundry.  I noticed her interest in chewing on material so I would give her my ex husbands socks…..his good socks.  Luckily I no longer feel the need to do this kind of thing, and my sweetie Glen has a plethora of old socks that he willingly donates to the cause.  Here she is happily chewing away to one I tied to her cage. 

Watching TV in Bed

I have never been one to have a television in my bedroom.  I always was of the mindset that the bedroom is where you sleep, not watch tv.  However, after moving in with Glen, my big screen tv needed to go somewhere and the bedroom was the only place for it.  So I thought I would lay down on my bed that I absolutely love, and see if watching television in this way was enjoyable.  Of course Petey and Lilly were more than willing to give it a try also.


As you can see, they didn’t make it very long before they passed out.

Distractions While Hunting

Today’s contribution is from Glen.  He took some nice pictures while deer hunting.  No deer pictures though dang it!


Pretty little cardinal.





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