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There be no monsters here

I can hardly ever wait to give gifts.  I am always excited for those receiving.  So needless to say, Glen got to open his presents on Saturday…..I just couldn’t wait.  I got him a Kindle e-reader, (very exciting), and two t-shirts.  Not just any t-shirts!  One of Glen’s favorite authors is Larry Correia, who writes the Monster Hunter series.  I discovered that Mr. Correia sells t-shirts…..viola…..magnificent present!!  After opening his presents, Lilly being the busy body that she is, made sure that everything was nice and safe.  No monsters here.


The Tale of Two Lobsters

This weekend Glen and I celebrated his birthday.  His birthday isn’t until August 2nd, but we both have to work that day, (opposite shifts), so we celebrated early.  Yesterday we went and saw the new Batman movie and then afterwards we went to Hyvee and bought two live lobsters.  We had never cooked lobster before, but we were confidant that we could cook them up and they would be delicious……and they were!

I love lobster, but have to admit that all of their legs really freak me out.  So Glen had to handle them.  I stood way back and took the pictures :-p


Our plan was to grill the lobsters.  You have to parboil them first.  We used the biggest pan I own….it was just big enough. 


Here they are after boiling for a couple of minutes….waiting to be split in half.


Again, Glen had to do all the messy work…..I could do it if it weren’t for all those damn legs.


Then onto the grill they went.  Oh yeah, we also grilled 4 scallops.  Scallops = eye rolling, mouth watering yumminess.


All done and ready to be devoured.  It was literally lip smacking good!



It is going to be a long and stressful day today.  However, today is actually my Friday, and I am so glad!  I am going to use Lilly as an example and just kick back and relax 🙂  Hoping everyone, whether they are working or not, has a fantabulous weekend!


All the Leaves are Brown….

It has been so hot and dry that the trees are already dropping leaves.  There will be no colorful autumn this year. Most of the leaves are already dead and brown.  The news tonight was all about the horrible drought we are experiencing….they even had a day count….day 57 of excessive heat and no rain.  This is a picture from out at Glens house.  The yard shouldn’t be this covered with leaves yet.


The hedge apples have started dropping too….I should have grabbed a couple of them.  Old wives tale….put hedge apples in your basement as a bug/spider deterrent.  Does that even really work?


We need rain!

A Short Look Back

Found a picture of Lilly that was taken shortly after she was spayed.  This was taken about 7 or 8 months ago when she was only 6 months old.  Notice her shaved belly?


Tomatoes are so very yummy

I love home grown tomatoes and my birds do too. Tomatoes are beyond yummy!!  Eva, being the dainty cockatoo that she is, picks hers up and nibbles until the tasty morsels are gone.


Lila on the other hand just dives in face first.  I say either way works 🙂


The Good Life

Petey came from a home where he was made to stay outdoors 24/7, (even during scary thunderstorms).  I think his life now is a much happier one…..Here he is on the couch with me and Lilly…doesn’t it look like he is saying “thanks Mom”?



Hot Dog

Not only is he hoping that I will drop yummy morsels while I am attempting to cook dinner, but he is laying right in front of an air vent.  His plan is pretty flawless.  If he lays directly in my way I am more apt to drop stuff.


Lilly and the spider

We were being very lazy last night, sitting around on the sofa watching television, when all of a sudden Lilly perks up and jumps down to chase a spider across the living room.  It was a wolf spider that had run out from under the sofa.  Wolf spiders are really ugly, fast and they can jump…..and they really give me the willies.  Lilly thought it was a wonderful play thing and even put her foot down right on top of the spider.  Of course in true cat fashion she let it go so she could chase it some more.  That was when I thumped the spider with one of my flip flops.  I didn’t even think to grab the camera…so here is a picture from 


Ugly aren’t they?  I know spiders are beneficial by eating other yucky bugs.  They just need to stay outside!


Not quite sure how this comfortable.


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