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Sad Farewell

Yesterday was a very long and sad day. Glen and I decided it was time to bid our sweet dog, Petey, farewell. At 16 he could barely walk without falling and we had no way of knowing just how much pain he was in. The decision is never an easy one to come to, and you always second guess yourself. I thought I would share two of my favorite pictures of Petey.



You were a sweet, gentle boy with the softest fur. You were loved and you will definitely be missed!

Hunting Moths

Lily has quite the appetite for moths. She is always on the hunt for them while sitting on the window sill.


How Does She Sleep Like That?

This is from a couple of weeks ago when Lucy still had to wear the cone of shame. I forgot I had taken this picture. She is a master napper, so she didn’t let the cone get in her way.



James sneaking off with his kong.


Stinking Chamomile

Glen picked some fresh flowers for me yesterday. They look like little daisies and are quite pretty. The true name of this flower is anthemis cotula, but is commonly called stinking chamomile due to its unpleasant odor and its resemblance to the true chamomile. Although they may smell horrible, they brightened my day :-)


The Start of my Weekend

Just finished up a set of overnight shifts. This was my view on my drive home this morning. Let the weekend commence with sleep being the first thing on my agenda.

start of weekend

Slow Down

Our foster dog, James, eats way too fast. As a result he throws up his food a lot. In an effort to stop this we got some bowls that are designed to slow fast eaters down.



Lucy eats pretty darned fast too, so she also got a “special” bowl.



Lucy got her stitches removed Monday afternoon. You can’t even tell she injured herself!


Added bonus….no more cone of shame :-)

Caught Playing Nice

These two are always pestering each other with lots of hissing and spitting going on. However, a nice warm sunny day with the windows open creates the perfect atmosphere for kitties to play nice.


Green Inchworm

green inchworm

My grandmother always told me when you find an inchworm on you it was measuring you for new clothes.

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