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Under Construction

Discovered the other night that we have some paper wasps building a nest above our front door.


Lucy Goes Round the Mulberry Tree

Our dog, Lucy, sure does love eating mulberries.  She apparently also loves smearing them on her face.


Red Admiral

The pictures aren’t that great.  The butterfly was outside on the window and I was inside in the air conditioning :-/




Sleep Schedule

I am on the dreaded overnight shift this week.  My sleep schedule is coinciding with the cats.  Sadie looks so peaceful and innocent when she is sleeping.


Reading Over My Shoulder

I was surfing the internet with Sadie reading over my shoulder….could be some retail therapy going on :-)


Strolling Through Clover

We have been letting Lily go on outdoor excursions.  She has to be outside with the dogs, because she doesn’t like to be out by herself.



Can you see me?

This is one well camouflaged grasshopper.


Tiny Toad

This little toad was so cute, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with posing for a picture.


Releasing Pent Up Energy

Foster Failure

Glen and I decided to adopt our foster dog, James.  Calling it a failure doesn’t really ring true.  He is getting a forever home and we are getting a great dog that already fits very well with our family.


James looks pretty happy about it.

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