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Lucy the Impaler

Yesterday, our sweet girl Lucy wasn’t acting right at all. By early afternoon I figured out why. I found a sizable wound on the left side on her chest. I rushed her to the vet where they got her all fixed up. They told me they think she impaled herself on a stick. I went and got her this morning and brought her home. She has to endure the cone of shame. Poor girl keep running into things.





Our foster dog, James was a very sleepy pup.

Beautiful Spring Weather

Lucy has been enjoying the wonderful sunny weather this week.




I had no idea…

Yesterday Lucy was trying to climb a tree, so we knew she had chased something up there. Glen and I went out to check it out, figuring it would be a squirrel. Much to our surprise it was a groundhog.



I had no idea they could climb trees!

Pair of Doves


Sweet Snugglers


Smart Toad

I got home from the gym the other evening and this big fat fella had parked himself under the motion light by the garage door.




Spring has sprung and our crabapple tree is in full bloom.



Glen and I have been wanting an electric smoker for a while now. We have just been cheapskates, not wanting to fork over the money for one. The odds were in our favor, because Glen went to an auction and got one for $30. Granted, it isn’t top of the line, and it had some wiring issues that Glen had to fix, but we got one on the cheap and it works :-) Glen smoked a couple of pork tenderloins and a pork loin roast. They turned out very yummy.





Lucy: I really want to continue to lay on the sofa….but I also really want to go outside.

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