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It has been so incredibly hot this week, the hounds come back from being outside they look like they are melting into the floor.


Shameless Beggar

I think Lulu had lots of people food in her previous life.  She is trying to tell me that she would definitely enjoy what I am having for dinner.



Our newest foster dog, Lulu, has discovered that dog toys are fun.


See Through

Snapped this picture of a dragonfly.  I think their wings being partly transparent is amazing,


Stay Safe, Play Dead

Lucy caught yet another opossum.  This one was smart(ish) and played dead.  It’s pretty convincing looking.



Sticky Feet

Cute little tree frog that decided our living room window was the perfect place to hunt for bugs.


I Wasn’t Done

Our newest foster dog, Lulu. is giving Glen “the look” because he quit petting her.  I don’t think she was ready for him to be done.


Monarch Butterfly

This gorgeous butterfly was flitting around our front yard yesterday.  Took me a while to get good pictures because it was so hot and humid my camera fogged up the second I took it outside.




Human…I want back inside


Queen Anne’s Lace

This beautiful “weed” is Queen Anne’s Lace and is also known as wild carrot.  Like a carrot, when the plant is young, the root can be eaten.  However, care should be taken because it bears a strong resemblance to poison hemlock, which is also in the carrot family and is deadly when eaten.



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