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While Glen and I were at Knob Noster State Park hiking the trails we saw lots of neat things.  There were a lot of oak trees that have dropped a lot of acorns.  This one particular acorn caught our eye.  It was cracked open so we could see the nut inside, which was reddish in color.  I have never seen an acorn with red meat and I am not able to find anywhere on the “all knowing internet” as to why it would be red.  We did get a lot of rain last week and maybe it had been soaking in some muddy water and the tannins in the nut made it turn red…..that is my best guess.


Knob Noster State Park

Last Friday Glen and I had one of our rare days off together.  After eating a wonderful lunch at a cafe in Warrensburg, (Cafe Blackadder), we decided to head over to Knob Noster State Park to walk off our sandwiches.  It was a beautiful day to be out walking trails in the woods.


This is Lake Buteo.  We were hoping the trees would have more color, but it is still a bit early.


Another shot of Lake Buteo.



Some places were a bit muddy, and as you can see I clearly was not watching where I was walking.  Glen said I was extremely talented to manage to splash all the mud on the interior of my pant leg without getting it all over my leg.


Yay for Friday!

You’re going to have a fantastic weekend aren’t you?  Eva has an inquiring mind and whats to know.


Nominated for One Lovely Blog Award


Yesterday, to my surprise, I was nominated for One Lovely Blog Award by

The rules for the nominees are:
1.  Thank the person who nominated you for the award.  

      Thank you very much  Floridaborne for the nomination.  :-)

2.  Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post. 

It is the photo added above.

3.  Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.  

I don’t usually share this because there are a lot of strong opinions, especially of late, about my line of work.  I work in law enforcement and am a police dispatcher.  This blog gives me an outlet to see and share the awesome things that exist in the big bad world.

I have an extreme love of coffee, but am not able to drink it because I have an adverse reaction to caffeine.  I still fantasize about fully leaded coffee.

I am a nerd.  I enjoy reading and watching science fiction/fantasy.  I am impatiently waiting for George R. R. Martin to finish writing Game of Thrones!

I am a homebody and enjoy spending time with my husband, Glen, and our critters, (2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 parrots….however, sometimes the parrots drive me insane).

I enjoy drinking wine.  When asked if I prefer red or white….the answer is yes.

I am a doomsday prepper wannabe.  We got somewhat started this summer with our garden and canning.

I am scared of bugs.  Always have been.  Of course there are a few exceptions such as lady bugs, roly poly’s and lightening bugs.

4.  Nominate somewhere around 15 bloggers that you admire and inform the nominees by commenting on their blog.

The blogs I’m nominating are:

Hopefully, those nominated will see this as fun, and a good way to share blogs we enjoy reading with everyone.  Please know this isn’t a mandatory project to stress out over.

Rainy Days and Mondays

It rained buckets here all day yesterday.  What to do when you can’t go outside?  Take a long nap of course.


happy is a cat with a bag

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you have as good a weekend as Lily has playing with a bag.




The Sycamore tree is a tree with balls.  Literally.


Midweek Doldrums


Persimmons….What to do with them?

We have a few persimmon trees and they are all loaded with fruit.  We are still waiting for them to ripen.  If they aren’t ripe and you eat them, your mouth will feel like it is turning wrong side out.  They are so very sour.  I have never had anything made with persimmons.  Last year a friend shared a recipe for persimmon pie cupcakes.  Maybe this year is the year to give it a try.





Field of Hedgeapples

This year we have a lot of hegeapples that have dropped in our yard.  The hedgeapple is the fruit of the osage orange tree.   As I was reading up on them I was shocked to discover that they are not poisonous.  I was always told that they were.   One of the common myths about hedgeapples is they will repel insects….more specifically spiders.  If that were true I wouldn’t have spiders anywhere near my house.




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