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Perfect Poser

Petey is such a good dog….and he poses perfectly for me.


Wild Sunflowers


Field of Flowers

field of flowers



Alert Lounger


Eastern Velvet Ant

This really isn’t an ant at all.  It’s a wingless wasp.




All gone

Two days ago when I went out to check on the babies in the garden, there was only one left.  Sorry the picture is blurry, but it is so very humid out and I had a really hard time keeping the lens from fogging up.


Yesterday we went out to the garden and all the babies were gone.   Very sad :-(

New Squirrel In The Neighborhood

The big fat squirrel that I took pictures of all last winter and spring got run over not too long ago.  I was very sad because that squirrel had attitude.  It would sit up in the tree and bark at the dogs because they were between it and all the fallen acorns.  Well, this week we got another squirrel in the yard.  This one is thinner, faster and more shy.


Not Two….There Are Three


The baby birds that are nesting in one of my tomato plants are growing very fast.  I was wrong, I thought there were just two in the nest, but there are three.   Sure hope that the one on the edge doesn’t fall out.


Not everything Lucy and I come across on our walks is pretty or cute and cuddly.  Lucy alerted me to the skeletal remains of a snake on our last walk.


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