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Lucy has a few ideas

It’s a rare thing, but Glen and I finally have a day off together.  Lucy has suggested that we take it easy,  go for a nice long walk and maybe take a nap.  I think those are all fine suggestions.


Magic Properties of Canvas

I don’t know what it is about this purple canvas tote, but Lily acts like it is made out of cat nip.  She wrestles with this bag until she is worn out.  I was using this bag to carry all my things to and from work.  I ended up having to empty to bag and just give it to her because she was crushing all my paperwork.


Curious Kitty

Cats are great in that they can find entertainment in anything.  Their curiosity is limitless.



Big Eater

Whenever we eat any fruit or vegetables we always give some to the birds.  Eva could care less about most of it, but Lila is like a garbage disposal.


Zucchini is so tasty!


Did I get it all off of my beak?

Weaver of Webs


This is a spotted orb weaver.  It was hanging out on the front porch, where the motion light that our dog Lucy sets off frequently attracts many bugs.

Good Day to be Outside

The weather was so nice yesterday that the birds got some outside time.  Fresh air and sunshine does birdies good.



Wheel Bug

I found this creepy bug just outside our front door.  A little research on the internet and I discovered it is a wheel bug….an assassin bug that preys on pest insects.  Not that I ever would, but if handled this bug can deliver a nasty bite that can hurt worse than a bee sting.  When the pain subsides it is often followed by numbness that can last several days.  So, yeah, it’s a creepy bug.




Lonesome Dove

There were actually more doves hanging out in the field, but as soon as I brought the camera up to take the picture, they all took off.  This guy was left behind.




Cats Hate Change

Glen and I bought new living room furniture last week.  It had to be ordered and it hasn’t been delivered yet.  In preparation, I managed to get rid of some of the furniture that we are replacing.  Which in turn means Lily’s personal napping/playground is now gone.  She now sits where she used to lay with a rather disgusted look on her face.


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